AUG 1982/2000 – It begins…!

I was named Gabriela after a famous literary Brazilian character played by Sonia Braga on the film “Gabriela, clover and cinnamon”. My childhood was permeated with my father’s daily and dedicated epic storytelling at night, which lead me to start writing Sunday home plays for family with friends. I also remember wondering around the corridors of the small video rental shop on my neighborhood, where I could only reach the low shelfs, and having nightmares with the terror film covers from the 80’s. My grandfather’s Hungarian roots expressed by the deep sound of his classic viola also played great part on the formation of my creative and imaginative vein, allowing me to have a non conventional musical education and preparing the ground for my teenage years, where I could finally reach the higher shelfs of the video shop and secretly dive into the art/European/Asian/Independent films my parents watched late at night.

When I turned 15 I got my first video camera and on the back of my house I build a studio where I made several experimental videos on my own. Unfortunately lack of confidence on myself drove me to the wrong choice of university (2000-2004) and instead of studying cinema I choose to specialize on cultural marketing. But what happened was, since the first month of university I took afternoon and evening courses on different cinema fields: a hole year of History of Cinema, Experimental Video, Lighting for Film, Visual Anthropology, Introduction to script writing and Final Cut Pro. I attended all the film workshops, debates and discussions on film I could find in São Paulo.

These are my very first experiments with video art, back in 2001

KOGU – MAM SP from gabi dworecki on Vimeo.

GANSE from gabi dworecki on Vimeo.

STRUCTURE FREAKS from gabi dworecki on Vimeo.


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