NOV 2005 – Duodroume VJ (ES)

After 24 years of living in São Paulo, I felt the need to explore other worlds, specially my European roots. I always connected more with European Cinema than the films produced in my country of origin. So I finally got to Madrid in the end of 2005, where I did “Movie Analyzing” a preparation course to enter ECAM, and also “The process of movie making: from the concept to screening” at La Casa Encendida, Madrid. Away from home my creativity started to flourish as I got in touch with my inner fears, and that’s how I started to create customized vj sets for electronic music artists under the moniker duodroume, with a different concept: prepare the images according to the music, using samples from movies and creating a narrative with different storylines. It was the way I found to study and work with films while I waited for the real experience of producing films.

This is a set I made for Kareem from Zhark International, mixing some of the films that scared me when I was a kid, telling a story of one man, starting from his death, jumping straight back to his birth.


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