MARCH 2010 – The Awakening

MARCH 2010 – The Awakening

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Short Synopsis

Captain Zip plays a business man with a particular world hiding under his bed, revealed only when the night falls. Also featuring Scary Goth Girl.


Script, Production and Direction – Gabriela Dworecki Dop and CameraJason Brooks Camera Assistant and Spark – Adri├ín Cores del Rio Art Director – Lucy Scotcher Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer Matt Jarman EditingJason Brooks and Nayana Fernandez TitlesMariana Dellelis Associate Producer – Roll with it Productions

Soundtrack – “Black Bone Orchid” Produced by Abelcain, released by Zhark International

About the Actor:

Captain Zip began life under the name of Philip Munnoch in 1951. As the son of a Beefeater, he spent his first 21 years living in the Tower of London and was locked in (or out) every night. Phil took up writing comedy for television and radio professionally in 1973. In 1976 he became a copywriter in the advertising industry. The name Captain Zip was created in 1977 by Helen Berenger, a fellow member of Arnold Brown’s comedy improvisation group in Hampstead, North West Twee. When Helen saw Phil enter the room in punk gear covered in zips, she said, “Ooh look, it’s Captain Zip” and the name stuck – just like a malfunctioning zip. In the following year, Zip began making his series of punk films capturing punk street-life on the King’s Road and elsewhere. These are now recognised as an important cultural document, although they are but a small portion of his output of 125 8mm films since the mid-’60s. In 1979, he began performing at the Comedy Store, doing his CBS (Can’t Be Serious) News routine using his rejected Two Ronnies news items, and as punk comedians Vernon Vomit and Bert Bogey (the latter hand-picked to appear). It was here that he was discovered by Saatchi and Saatchi. Phil’s advertising career collapsed after the break-up of his 16 year marriage in 1998. He re-launched Captain Zip as a character on London’s fetish scene, documenting the scene on film, writing for its websites, being Mistress Feral’s secretary, playing keyboard in Mistress O’s fetish game show ‘Comic Discipline’ in a West End drinking dive, becoming a fetish television personality and getting recognised and pointed at in the street. The importance of Zip’s films has led to them being shown at The Museum of the Moving Image, National Film Theatre and Raindance Film Festival. Some are archived by the British Film Institute and Wessex Film Archive, and sequences have been used in television programmes and even a Julien Temple feature film.

Captain Zip on “The Way We Were” (ITV, 2006, 6’43”)

Captain Zip | Myspace Video

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